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Tips for New Parents: How to Choose a Baby Stroller

Tips for New Parents: How to Choose a Baby Stroller

Tips for New Parents: How to Choose a Baby Stroller

The right stroller can make all the difference in your daily life with your baby.

Here’s a basic guide to the different kinds of strollers, and a few tips to help you make the right decision. 

  1. Full-sized Stroller
  2. Cabin Stroller
  3. Lightweight / Umbrella Stroller
  4. Double / Twin Stroller

Full-Sized Stroller

Full Sized Strollers | Wider, Stronger, Includes Additional Features such as Trays, Rocking, etc.

What it is: If you’re hoping to invest in one stroller that will wheel your baby right through their toddler years, look no further than a full-size stroller.

Bigger, sturdier, and more durable - these strollers are the standard option. Many models come with a full range of features that not only make your baby’s ride a joy, but also make your life easier.

The upsides: The go-to option for many families, a full-sized stroller covers all the basics and offers nifty bells and whistles.

  • Wide, comfortable, well-padded seating.
  • Adjustable seats. Baby can sleep, rest (usually at 45-degree angle) or sit upright. 
  • Expandable canopies.
  • Sturdy tires (some come with the suspension to absorb shock).
  • Basket for storage.
  • Cup holder and snack tray.

The downsides:

  • A full-sized stroller can be bulky. If you take public transportation, climb stairways frequently, or navigate busy streets and small stores with your baby, this can make it tougher to travel with.
  • A full-size stroller may be a tight fit for a home with limited storage.

Options to consider:

Cabin / Travel Stroller

Cabin Stroller | Light, Easy to Fold, Convenient

These strollers are referred to as travel strollers or cabin strollers. As the name implies, this type of stroller weighs less than your average stroller and takes less effort to lift in and out of your car trunk or bring on public transportation.

Lightweight strollers have a slimmer profile to easily navigate through narrow doorways and crowded sidewalks. They’re also great for travel—some fold up small enough to fit in overhead airplane bins. These travel strollers rank as consistent favorites.

What it is: You might lose a few of the features you can find in a full-sized stroller, but a travel stroller makes up for it by being easy on-the-go.

The upsides:

  • Often weighing 7KG or less, a lightweight stroller is designed for portability.
  • It is easy to fold, which makes stashing it in the trunk or taking it on an airplane, bus, or train a snap.
  • Many lightweight strollers still come equipped with beneficial features such as a seat recline, expandable canopy, storage basket, and built-in cupholder. 

The downsides:

  • These strollers tend to be pricier than their full-size counterparts due to the lightweight features and material.
  • Some models do not recline all the way into a sleeping position for newborns.

Options to consider:

Lightweight / Umbrella Stroller

Super light weight strollers - Umbrella Type

What it is: As the name implies, this type of stroller is light-weight and folds up similar to an umbrella. You might lose a few of the features you find in a full-sized stroller & cabin strollers such as seat recline, storage baskets, rocking features, and more. However,  an umbrella stroller makes up for it by being easy on-the-go.

The upsides:

  • Cost-effective.
  • Often weighing 5KG or less, a lightweight stroller is designed for portability.
  • It is easy to fold, which makes stashing it in a 3 wheeler or car, super easy. 

The downsides:

  • Does not recline all the way into the sleeping position.
  • Does not include many features including storage baskets, rocking, cup holders, play trays, and more. 

Options to consider:


Double Stroller

Twin Strollers | Twins, Sibblings? Double Strollers are the most convenient way to get around with multiple kids

What it is: If you’ve got twins in tow — or a toddler who’s not ready to give up his stroller days — then a double stroller is the way to go. Doubles come in two formats: tandem, where one child sits behind the other, or side-by-side seating.

The upsides:

  • With multiple children, this option enables you to manage only one stroller.
  • Some side-by-side double strollers are detachable.

The downsides:

  • These strollers tend to be bigger, weighing in at up to 20 KG.
  • As you shop, consider width (does it fit through your door, etc.) and mobility. 

Options to consider: See our roundup of the best double strollers:

What should I consider when buying a stroller?

A safe, reliable, and easy-to-use stroller is a definite must-have. But as a stroller can range in price from Rs. 5750/- to Rs. 35,000, you’re going to want to make sure you’re getting the best option for your money and making a smart investment for you - and your baby.

These basic questions can help.

  • Where will you use it? Many mid-range models can be big and bulky. This is not ideal if you’re navigating narrow doors and small spaces. But a smaller umbrella stroller might not work for you if you need a stroller basket big enough to handle your purse, diaper bag, and other essentials.
  • Is it newborn friendly? Some strollers offer 3-step recline mode, which means you can put your newborn in them from day one. Some models are more suitable for infants who have some neck control or can nearly sit up unsupported, which usually doesn’t happen for four to six months.
  • How long do you plan to use it? While you may pay more upfront for certain models, adaptability from newborn through toddler stages could save you cash in the long run.
  • How heavy is it? When you’re on the road, lighter is better. But note the details, as some manufacturers will call a 15 KG stroller lightweight, while others can weigh a mere 5-7 KG. That’s a big difference when you’re carrying a baby, a diaper bag and stroller up endless staircases or using public transport.
  • Do you need more than one? Need an umbrella stroller for the road but a full-sized model for busy days in the neighborhood? For some families, one stroller just doesn’t cover all the bases, no matter how cleverly designed. If that’s the case, consider splitting your stroller budget rather than investing heavily in one. You might need a basic full-size model for home, and a separate umbrella stroller for travel.
  • Get some shade. A stroller shade or canopy is a must for walks in the sun - or rain. Consider opting for a model with a sun-shade.
  • Design functionality. Is it an easy-to-use, one-click system? Are there a lot of straps or an adapter involved? You want it to be as simple and straightforward as possible (babies are complicated enough!).
  • Plan for Baby #2. One tidbit to consider is if you are planning on having another child in the next few years, look at a stroller that can accommodate more than one child.

Mom Reviews and Tips on Buying Strollers

If you ask 20 moms what stroller they swear by, you’ll probably hear 20 different opinions. But the good news is there are so many stroller options out there, and you’re bound to find one that checks all the boxes for your family. Here are some tips from some of our customers. 

  • Cabin strollers are the way to go - they're light enough for me to handle by myself, and the one I bought from Nesh folds up easily by just pressing one button. 
  • I purchased a full-sized baby stroller that has the musical tray, reclines all the way down and my baby loves it. I usually drive my own vehicle and space wasn't a problem for me. The full-sized stroller was the best option for me.
  • I purchased the rocking stroller from Nesh. It's a full-sized stroller with the additional rocker built into it. It was a great investment because I didn't have to invest in a separate rocker, and it's really easy to keep baby in there when we're out with family and friends.  
  • One Stroller or Two? I love my full-size stroller because we jog and walk a lot, but it's heavy to load in and out of the car for errands, so I have a lightweight one I keep in the car for shopping trips. 
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