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Musical Instruments

Bring out the musician in your little one! Check out our range of guitars, pianos, trumpets, drums, xylophones, and microphones for your budding little musician! 

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VTech My Monkey Band
Regular priceRs 10,500.00
or 3 X Rs 3,500.00 with  Mintpay
Lazer Saberz LED Flashing with Sound
Regular priceRs 1,399.00
or 3 X Rs 466.33 with  Mintpay
Vtech Take Along Tunes Radio
Regular priceRs 5,800.00
or 3 X Rs 1,933.33 with  Mintpay
VTech Sing Along Microphone
Regular priceRs 6,900.00
or 3 X Rs 2,300.00 with  Mintpay
VTech Strum and Jam Kidi Musical Guitar Band
Regular priceRs 7,890.00
or 3 X Rs 2,630.00 with  Mintpay
Karaoke Microphone for Kids
Regular priceRs 1,200.00
or 3 X Rs 400.00 with  Mintpay
Ukulele with 4 Nylon Strings (Guitar)
Regular priceRs 2,000.00
or 3 X Rs 666.66 with  Mintpay
Little Trumpet
Regular priceRs 1,500.00
or 3 X Rs 500.00 with  Mintpay
VTech Safari Sounds Guitar
Regular priceRs 16,200.00
or 3 X Rs 5,400.00 with  Mintpay
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