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Pure and simple fun which keeps kids physically active too. The best range of kids' bicycles in Sri Lanka! Shop the full range of Tomahawk, Kenstar, and Arrow bicycles today!

Our range features primarily 12 inch, 16 inch and 20 inch bicycle models for kids. 

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Kenton AMG Bicycle (20 inch) - Dual Shock
Regular priceRs 26,000.00Rs 19,000.00
or 3 X Rs 6,333.33 with  Mintpay
Kenton AMG Bicycle
Regular priceRs 24,000.00Rs 16,500.00
or 3 X Rs 5,500.00 with  Mintpay
Kenton Super Shiva Bicycle with Guide Wheels (16 inch)
Regular priceRs 14,000.00Rs 11,500.00
or 3 X Rs 3,833.33 with  Mintpay
Kenton Rebel Bicycle with Guide Wheels
Regular priceRs 12,900.00Rs 10,900.00
or 3 X Rs 3,633.33 with  Mintpay
Tomahawk Kids' Bicycle - Ben 10
Regular priceRs 16,000.00Rs 14,500.00
or 3 X Rs 4,833.33 with  Mintpay
Tomahawk Kids' Bicycle - Matrix 12'
Regular priceRs 13,500.00Rs 11,500.00
or 3 X Rs 3,833.33 with  Mintpay
Kenstar Kids' Bicycle - Barbie
Regular priceRs 15,000.00Rs 13,500.00
or 3 X Rs 4,500.00 with  Mintpay
Tomahawk Kids' Bicycle - Offroad Adventure
Regular priceRs 18,250.00Rs 14,750.00
or 3 X Rs 4,916.66 with  Mintpay
Tomahawk Kids' Bicycle - Monster
Regular priceRs 16,000.00Rs 13,000.00
or 3 X Rs 4,333.33 with  Mintpay
Arrow Kids' Bicycle - Bravo
Regular priceRs 14,500.00Rs 12,000.00
or 3 X Rs 4,000.00 with  Mintpay
Arrow Kids' Bicycle - Rocker
Regular priceRs 18,000.00Rs 15,500.00
or 3 X Rs 5,166.66 with  Mintpay
Arrow Kids' Bicycle - Pretty Angel
Regular priceRs 15,250.00
or 3 X Rs 5,083.33 with  Mintpay
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