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Garden Hedge Shears
Regular priceRs 2,300.00Rs 2,000.00
or 3 X Rs 666.66 with
Koko or Mintpay
EZ Jet Water Cannon
Regular priceRs 3,200.00Rs 800.00
or 3 X Rs 266.66 with
Koko or Mintpay
Garden Hedge Shears (Extendable)
Regular priceRs 4,500.00Rs 2,600.00
or 3 X Rs 866.66 with
Koko or Mintpay
Paint Zoom Paint Sprayer 2
Regular priceRs 12,950.00Rs 6,500.00
or 3 X Rs 2,166.66 with
Koko or Mintpay

Need some equipment for your garden? Garden shears, cutting tools, water hose, camping tables, paint sprayers, insect repellants? We have the widest range of garden equipment in Sri Lanka. Buy online now and have it delivered to you or visit our store to purchase your gardening essentials at the best prices.
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