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Phonics Toys

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VTech Turn & Learn Cube
Regular priceRs 17,550.00
or 3 X Rs 5,850.00 with
Koko or Mintpay
VTech Playtime Bus with Phonics
Regular priceRs 17,970.00
or 3 X Rs 5,990.00 with
Koko or Mintpay
VTech My 1st Phone
Regular priceRs 15,300.00
or 3 X Rs 5,100.00 with
Koko or Mintpay
VTech Alphabet Apple
Regular priceRs 17,800.00
or 3 X Rs 5,933.33 with
Koko or Mintpay

Our range of phonics toys, games, and activities is designed to help your children improve their reading skills. Help kids explore letters and sounds in a more relaxed way and make learning more fun. Discover all of our phonics resources here!

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